Heathfield Farm
New opportunities to try new activities and gain new skills!

Heathfield Farm

Heathfield Farm is a new project for Devon Link Up working with the National Trust and funded by the National Lottery Community Fund.

The Farm is offering 'Freedom Sessions' for people to come and see the Farm, have some fresh air and exercise in a safe place and enjoy all the activities. 

There will be skills to learn including growing plants, caring for animals, making and creating and food!  


Being at Heathfield Farm as help me explore my confidence and skills, and learn new skills, liking cooking, garden, art, and social skills, I'm happy to work at my own pace with no pressure, the staff are wonderful they treat you with respect and help me with my individual needs.

Before going to the farm I had lost self-esteem, low confidence, but now I'll feel myself improving with the help of people on the farm, I met lovely friends and it is fun to be at the farm, with great sense of humour.

Since I've been at the farm I have done a lot art work, I'll feel achievement that I done these, I'm learnt a lot about the gardens, been doing seeding, learning about apples, every week I feel I have learnt something new at the farm.


For more information, call Karen on 07599 758586

Heathfield Farm
Station Road
Devon EX5 3AR