Alix is our office assistant and she writes regular information pages where you can find her advice about life.

Self confidence 

Having self confidence is important so you can start to believe in your self and be happy, to make good choices in your life, to become  an independent young person and develop in life. 

Confidence is when you present yourself, how you talk, stand and hold your own, you will always want to look your best and be the best all of the time. Nobody should hold you back from reaching for your future. 

When you have confidence you have to mantain your self from,top to botttom and like to always look good for ladies and men.

Appearance is important in having confidence to look good from starting with your face becasue you will constantly smiling, for ladies like to moisturise and putting make up make you feel confident all ready. Also for ladies like to pick out clothes and accesorise it by handbags and shoes.

For men in confidence wants to be the top dog striding round head up being in charge, likes to be proud to looks good wearing expensive aftershave, nice shirt with trousers pair of smart swede shoes and casual jacket. You will look like a hollywood star.

Self confidence is when you stand on your own being proud of your self, looking after your self and having everything together, to look foward towards your future and be happy in your life and to be proud. 

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