“Advocacy is taking action to help people say what they want, secure their rights, represent their interests and obtain services they need. Advocates and advocacy providers work in partnership with the people they support and take their side. Advocacy promotes social inclusion, equality and social justice”.

Independent issue based Advocacy
Helping people to speak up
Self Advocacy
The Human Rights Act
Independent Care Act Advocacy
Quality Performance Mark
Awarded for three years from July 2017 for our advocacy work

Devon Link Up has worked for 25 years to give people with learning disabilities a voice and choice about the things that are important in their lives. We offer self advocacy, issue based and Care Act advocacy.
Our advocates will listen to the things you want to say and will support you to speak up to other people and make sure you are listened to, they can help you understand your rights and support you to make informed choices.
Our advocates are trained and supported to work to National Advocacy standards and principles.
Devon Link Up is delighted to have achieved the Quality Performance Mark in July 2017 for three years for our advocacy work.
Our advocates have received training to ensure they can work as Independent Care Act Advocates.
Devon Link Up is a member of the Devon Advocacy Consortium.
If you have any questions about advocacy please contact us on 07808053992.

" I used to get angry and kick things but now I am more confident to speak up"

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