"Being a parent doesn't come with an instruction book and everyone thinks I can't be a good parent, but I can if I have the chance"

Devon Link Up provides independent advocacy support for parents with learning disabilities in Devon.
Devon Link Up is a member of the Working Together with Parents Network.

Our advocates work alongside parents with learning disabilities who are involved with social services because of concerns about their children.
Many parents lack the networks of support that others take for granted and parenting is very difficult without the added problems of complex communication, pressure from services and frequent isolation. Our work involves giving parents a voice to speak up about their concerns, supporting parents at meetings and in Court, making information easier to understand and liaising with other services and professionals.
If you would like further information about our work please contact us on 07808053992 referralsdlup@gmail.com

" Without my advocate I would not have been able to say what I wanted or understand what was going on".

Advocacy for parents
Heathfield Farm
Station Road
Devon EX5 3AR