The Safe Place scheme helps people with learning disabilities to feel safe when they are out and about in the community.

Catherine - Safe Places worker
The Autism Alert Card
Another great way to keep safe and a pleasure to work alongside this group

Devon Link-Up has been working with the support of Devon & Cornwall Police and SAFE the Fire Service charity to co-ordinate the Safe Place scheme in Devon.

The Safe Place scheme provides places where vulnerable people can go to ask for help if needed. Places taking part in the scheme display a Safe Place sticker in their window. People with learning disabilities can carry a Safe Place Card in their purse or wallet and it has their name on as well as the name of someone who can be called to help.

Have a look at the Safe Places map to see the list of places in Devon which are part of the Safe Place scheme.

People with a learning disability can choose to have a ‘I need help’ card. The name and contact number of someone who the person would like to be contacted if they need help can be written on the card. If someone with a ‘I need help’ card goes into a Safe Place and shows their card to a member of staff, the staff member will contact the person on the card, or the police, depending on the situation.


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